An AOR Program

RVA Membership Highlights For RVA Members
•    Toll-free calls for campsite reservations.
•    Up to three (3) reservations at one time.
•    Unlimited day-usage at all RVA affiliated resorts.
•    Usage at ACN Resorts.
•    RV Adventures Online Directory Guide.
•    Website: www.rvacamping.com

Length of Stay
•    Members may use campsites up to two (2) separate seven (7) night stays at each RVA Affiliate Resort.

Exclusionary Period
•    Following any overnight stay of three (3) or more nights, member must remain out of the RVA system a minimum of seven (7) nights before resuming camping in the RVA system. Members have access to ACN parks all of the time.
100-Mile Rule
•    Members may not use any RVA Affiliate Resort located within 100 air miles of their residence. This limitation does not apply to your home resort.

Home Park Rule
•    RVA members must belong to and be current with an RVA Affiliate Resort for their RVA home park.
Membership Identification
•    All members must present a valid RVA Membership Card at time of check in. For purposes of enforcing the 100 mile rule, a valid driver’s license may be required upon your visit. If your RVA Membership Card is lost or stolen, replacement cards may be obtained by sending $10.00 to RV Adventures, P.O. Box 430, Gunnison, CO 81230. If your card is lost or stolen while on the road, please call Member Services.

Nightly Camping Fees
•    The nightly camping rate at all RVA Affiliate Resorts is $9 per night. Reservations are required to receive the RVA rate.

Resort Rental Accommodations
•    Resort rental accommodations are available to members at the resort’s member rates. Reservations for rentals must be made directly through the resort you are planning to visit. Some resorts may require advance reservations and some may require a deposit. Please consult this guide for phone numbers, check-in and check-out times, and other resort policies regarding pets, children, and other special needs.

New Affiliate Suggestions 
If there are membership camping resorts you would like to suggest be added to the RVA reciprocal system or to the ACN Network please advise us of the facility’s name and address along with any names of personnel you may know at the facility.

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RVA Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay at the same park consecutively under different memberships?

No. The rights to reciprocal use are not combined between different memberships. No park is obligated to host a member under different affiliations for a member’s consecutive visits.

What Happens If My Home Resort Ends It's AOR / RVA Affiliation?

If your Home Resort ends their affiliation with RVA you will be asked to find a new Home Resort that is affiliated with RVA. RVA will give you options for a new Home Resort and your original Home Resort will usually have options for you also.

Why Do You Charge A $20 No-show Fee?

This is a courtesy to our Affiliated Resorts. When we make a reservation for one of our members, our Affiliated Resorts reserve a site for this reservation. If the member does not show up nor call to cancel their site, it sits empty. The Affiliated Resort is not able to sell that site to another camper. They must be compensated for reserving that empty site.

Do I Have To Make Advance Reservations?

If you wish to be guaranteed a site and only pay the RVA rate you must make reservations in advance. We recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible. Sites are reserved on a first call, first served basis. Very few, if any AOR / RVA Affiliated Resorts will allow drive-in members the rate of $9.00 per night. Our Affiliated Resorts will accept reservations the same day as your arrival if there is a site available.

How Long Does It Take To Start My Membership?

Your permanent membership card should reach you within 14 days from the time your application is received by AOR / RVA, if your application is completely and correctly filled out and the membership fee has been paid. You may start making reservations upon the day you enroll in RVA by using the Temporary Membership card and calling reservations at 800-934-3443.

What Does It Cost?

Your Home Resort determines the initial membership fee. You will be billed for your RVA annual dues on the anniversary date of your joining the RVA Affiliation.

Who Can Join RVA?

The general public cannot join RVA. Only members of resorts that are affiliated with RVA may join. This ensures that the AOR / RVA Affiliated Resorts will host members according to the rules of the Affiliation Agreement. This also ensures that our members will be greeted with courtesy when using the camping system.