AOR Policies

One of the major goals for the AOR System has been to keep all procedures simple for the members. That’s why using the AOR System is as easy as a single phone call. No cards to keep track of, no complicated restrictions, and no uncertainty about being accepted or having a site waiting for you. With AOR, you can relax and travel within the system where you are truly a valued member.

•   Toll-free calls for campsite reservations.

•   Twenty one (21) consecutive night stays during most of every year (8-9         months per year).

•   Fourteen (14) consecutive night stays during High-Use Seasonal Periods       (3-4 months per year).

•   Unlimited day-usage at all AOR affiliated resorts.

•   Unlimited usage at ACN Resorts.

•   Family-usage for all members’ adult children 21 years or older.

•   Fifty percent (50%) off resort rental accommodations when reserved             and occupied for seven (7) or more consecutive nights.

•   Allowed 5 reservations on the books at a time.

•   AOR Resort Vacation Guide.

•   Website:

•   AOR APP for phone and electronic devices.

Length Of Stay

•   Members may use campsites up to twenty-one (21) consecutive nights at all AOR Affiliate Resorts during non High-Use Seasonal Periods (approximately eight to nine months each year).

•   Members are allowed two (2) separate overnight stays of up to fourteen (14) consecutive nights each, at all AOR Affiliate Resorts during each respective resort's High-Use Seasonal Period.

•   Members may use the facilities of all AOR Affiliate Resorts on an unlimited day use basis.

Exclusionary Period
Following any overnight stay of three (3) or more nights, member must remain out of the AOR system a minimum of seven (7) nights before resuming camping in the AOR system. Members have access to ACN parks all of the time.

Home Park Rule
AOR members must belong to and be current with an AOR Affiliate Resort for their AOR home park.

Nightly Camping Fees
The nightly camping fee at all AOR Affiliate Resorts is $9.00 per night.

New Affiliate Suggestions
If there are membership camping resorts you would like to suggest be added to the AOR reciprocal system, or non-membership campgrounds you would like to suggest be added to the ACN Network please advise us of the facility's name and address along with any names of personnel you may know at the facility.


100-Mile Rule

Members are limited to three (3) separate stays each membership year at each AOR Affiliate Resort within 100 miles of their residence. This limitation does not apply to your Home Resort.


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